Cling-On Brushes

Cling-On is available in multiple sizes and shapes. This is truly the BEST furniture painting brush on the market!
Cling-On Paint Brushes

Designed by a professional painter and handmade in Holland, we are excited to present
our Cling On paintbrushes.  They feature soft and durable high-quality nylon filaments fully locked in epoxy cement to minimize shedding, a stainless steel ferrule and a beech wood handle.  They come in 4 shapes:  round, oval, flat and bent (angled).

- Extremely strong... but still gentle!
- Extreme durability
- Best shape retention
- Can be used with all water-based products
- Excellent clean-ability 
- Superb cutting in
- Better coverage with a smoother finish
- Fast and easy
- Affordable

Cling On Brush Use & Care:

Scrubby Soap is a great way to clean your paintbrushes.  The natural citrus oils clean and protect the filaments while the aloe protects your hands.

Let your CLING ON brush absorb some water before using it for the first time so it gets the proper flex.  Remove excess water by spinning the handle between your hands or rubbing it into a dry lint-free cloth and it's ready for use.  

 While painting, re-wet the brush as necessary.  Keeping the brush damp will prevent paint from hardening on the bristles and minimize brush strokes.
 *DO NOT remove the strings at the base of the round and oval brushes. This helps the brush keep its shape.