Keep It Clean - Soaps

What is a Scrubby?

A Scrubby is a bar of all natural soap, with a scrubber inside that fills the entire size of the bar. Our bars are made of all natural biodegradable oils. Rather than using harsh synthetic cleaning agents, we use citrus oil. The combination of citrus oil and the scrubber creates the ultimate soap for removing dirt, grease, oil, and paint. Scrubby is not just for your hands, it is also a superior product for cleaning artist paint brushes.

Who is a Scrubby for?

You!  Everyone!  If you're not getting dirty, greasy, oily, or painting... you're just not living! 

Artists & Painters - removes paint from your body, cleans and conditions paintbrushes

Mechanics - removes dirt, grease, & oil

Gardeners removes dirt & sap

Kitchens removes tough grease from pots & pans

Fishing - removes fish oil & odor from hands


Vintage Soul Universal Brush Cleaner 
*Cleans All Types of Paint out of Brushes!

* Cuts Wax From Wax Brushes! 
* Removes Grass Stains, Grease and Blood from Laundry! 
* Easily Strips Wax Off Of Chalk Painted Pieces!  

(Using a bristle brush and a little VS Pink Soap in a circular motion, then wipe away the wax)
Universal Brush Cleaner